Last updated on: 25/11/2020
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Name of organisation 
1) Department/Research groupIQVIA European Data Science Hub
2) Organisation/affiliationIQVIA
Short Name in the inventoryIQVIA European Data Science Hub
Administrative Contact
Title Dr
Last name van Ballegooijen
First name Hanne
Address line 1Herikerbergweg 314
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Scientific Contact
Title Professor
Last name Layton
First name Deborah
Address line 1210 Pentoville Road
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CountryUnited Kingdom
Phone number (incl. country code)442030754423 
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2. Description
The IQVIA European Data Science Hub, with offices in London, Portugal and Bulgaria, conducts multi-country database studies using various forms of electronic healthcare data, many of which support PASS studies. It has a multidisciplinary team composed of epidemiologists, clinicians, statisticians and data scientists with expertise in retrospective database studies and subject matter experts in regulatory science and pharmacovigilance.
3. Category
For profit organisation
4. Available resources
 In houseVia Contacts/Network
Epidemiologist/Pharmacoepidemiologist Yes Yes
Statistician Yes Yes
Clinician Yes Yes
Clinical Pharmacologist Yes Yes
Pharmacist Yes Yes
Geneticist/Pharmacogeneticist Yes Yes
IT specialist Yes Yes
Ethics expertise Yes Yes
Legal expertise Yes Yes
Regulatory expertise Yes Yes