Links to Studies

Status Official Title Lead Investigator Last Updated
Finalised Background rates of Adverse Events of Special Interest for monitoring COVID-19 vaccines Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 26/08/2021
Finalised A non-interventional, open observational non-inferiority study in two cluster-assigned cohorts of children aged 14 months into the safety of NeisVac-C® vaccines manufactured at two different production sites and given simultaneously with measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, assessed by web-based intensive monitoring Dr Eugene van Puijenbroek 05/07/2017
Ongoing Cohort Event Monitoring of safety of COVID-19 vaccines (Early-) Covid-Vaccine-Monitor Dr Agnes Kant 26/08/2021
Ongoing Venlafaxine exposure in pregnancy, a multicenter ENTIS study Miss Bernke te Winkel 19/04/2021
Ongoing ACCESS template protocol for safety of COVID-19 vaccines Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 19/02/2021
Ongoing Pregnancy outcome after in utero exposure to baclofen: an ENTIS collaborative study Dr Nathalie BERNARD 23/11/2016
Planned Building a pregnancy pharmacovigilance model for the future: Can pregnancy data collected by ConcePTION partners be analysed using common standards developed by the ConcePTION project? Dr Ursula Winterfeld 04/10/2021
Planned Long-term investigation following exposure to individual medicines in utero: The LIFETIME system Dr Rebecca Bromley 04/10/2021
Planned Cohort Event Monitoring of safety of COVID-19 vaccines in special populations (pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents, immunocompromised, people with history of allergy, people with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection) Professor Gianluca Trifirò 26/08/2021
Planned Analysis of pregnancy pharmacovigilance data in spontaneous reports, and literature, (Individual Case Safety Reports originating from published case series, non-interventional studies and patient support programmes); demonstration study 2.5.1 of the ConcePTION project Professor Eugene van Puijenbroek 28/01/2021