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1 ARS Data Source Italy 13/06/2018

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Status Official Title Lead Investigator Last Updated
Finalised Impact of EU label changes and revised pregnancy prevention programme for oral retinoid containing medicinal products: utilization and prescribing trends Dr Miriam Sturkenboom 05/09/2023
Finalised Rapid Safety Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in EU Member States using electronic health care datasources Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 31/08/2023
Finalised Impact of EU label changes and revised pregnancy prevention programme for medicinal products containing valproate: utilisation and prescribing trends Professor Olaf Klungel 12/07/2023
Finalised ACCESS template protocol for safety of COVID-19 vaccines Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 09/01/2023
Finalised Cohort monitoring of Adverse Events of Special Interest and COVID-19 diagnoses prior to and after COVID-19 vaccination Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 09/01/2023
Finalised Switch pattern of biological drugs (originator and biosimilars) for the treatment of chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases through an Italian network of regional administrative databases: the VALORE Project Professor Gianluca Trifirò 14/12/2022
Finalised Drug utilization of temozolomide with or without antiepileptic drugs in patients with malignant gliomas in the Tuscany region Dr Andrea Spini 29/07/2022
Finalised Safety clinical outcomes associated with the use of Idarucizumab for severe bleeding/emergency surgery: an observational population based study Dr Rosa Gini 26/01/2022
Finalised Utilization patterns, access to healthcare facilities and economic assessment of JAKi drugs used in rheumatoid arthritis patients in Tuscany: the LEONARDO study Professor Corrado Blandizzi 16/10/2020
Finalised First-line anticancer drugs in patients with advanced, primary Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: drug-utilization and effectiveness studies from Tuscany Region healthcare database Dr Spini Andrea 08/08/2020
Finalised Adherence, persistence and switching patterns – once- and twice-daily direct oral anticoagulants Dr Ron Herings 19/12/2019
Finalised Pattern of use of incretin-based drugs in clinical practice Dr Roberto Giuseppe 14/02/2019
Finalised Utilisation of antiepileptic medicines in girls and women of childbearing potential - a study in three European countries Dr Charlton Rachel 15/10/2018
Finalised ASPIrin use and colorectal CANcer risk Dr Leonardo Ventura 25/07/2018
Finalised Identification of type 2 diabetes cases in a set of databases participating to the EMIF project Dr Roberto Giuseppe 11/12/2017
Finalised ADVANCE POC Study Protocol - Testing new approaches to monitoring benefit/risk with pertussis vaccines as test case. Coverage rates of acellular and whole-cell pertussis-containing vaccines in preschool children Dr Hanne-Dorthe Emborg 24/11/2017
Finalised ADVANCE POC I Risk pillar - Testing new approaches to monitoring benefit/risk with pertussis vaccines as test case: Incidence rates of safety outcomes of whole-cell pertussis and acellular pertussis vaccines in pre-school children Dr Daniel Weibel 22/11/2017
Finalised Pattern of use of intravitreal drugs with antiangiogenic properties for age-related macular degeneration and other vascular retinopathies Dr Rosa Gini 28/11/2016
Finalised Comparative effectiveness of insulines vs analogues to prevent complications of diabetes Dr Rosa Gini 08/07/2014
Ongoing Thromboembolic events reported in association with idarucizumab and andexanet alfa: disproportionality analysis of the Food and Drugs Administration Adverse Eventr Resporting System (FAERS) database Dr Roberto Giuseppe 31/10/2023
Ongoing A post-authorisation/post-marketing observational study to evaluate the association between exposure to AZD1222 and safety concerns using existing secondary health data sources (COVID-19) Dr Cristina Rebordosa 12/05/2023
Ongoing An Observational Post-Authorization Safety Study to Assess the Safety of Ad26.COV2.S Using European Healthcare Data through VAC4EU (COVID-19) Dr Fariba Ahmadizar 08/05/2023
Ongoing Data source heterogeneity in multi-database pharmacoepidemiologic studies: a scoping review Dr Rosa Gini 20/10/2022
Ongoing CONSIGN study: COVID-19 infection and medicines in pregnancy - a multinational registry based study Professor Hedvig Nordeng 16/08/2022
Ongoing Patterns of anti-CGRP mAbs use and triptan consumption before and after anti-CGRP treatment initiation: a descriptive drug utilization study in Tuscany region, Italy Dr Giulia Hyeraci 29/07/2022
Ongoing Post-Authorization Active Surveillance Safety Study Using Secondary Data to Monitor Real-World Safety of Spikevax in Europe (COVID-19) Professor Henrik Toft Sørensen 31/01/2022
Ongoing Monitoring safety of Spikevax in pregnancy: an observational study using routinely collected health data in five European countries (COVID-19) Professor Henrik Toft Sørensen 31/01/2022
Ongoing Exposure to SSRI/SNRI and depression in pregnancy and long-term childhood outcomes: the effect of modifying factors Dr Maria Loane 04/10/2021
Ongoing Novel statistics to handle rare diseases and small sample sizes using Bayesian techniques: Application to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) in pregnancy Dr Christine Damase-Michel 04/10/2021
Ongoing Methods for controlling by indication for prescriptions: application to medications for neuropathic pain Dr Christine Damase-Michel 04/10/2021
Ongoing Estimating prevalence and incidence of acute myocardial infarction in a set of heterogeneous sources of observational health data collaborating in the EMIF Platform Dr Roberto Giuseppe 14/02/2019
Ongoing EMIF Use Case 17 - Investigating the relationship in paediatric population between dosing of antibiotics (prescribed, dispensed or administered) and patient’s weight. Dr Luigi Cantarutti 31/01/2019
Planned Description of international collaboration in the area of medicines use and effects in COVID-19 affected pregnancies (CONSIGN-International)) Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 29/09/2022
Planned The BRodalumab Assessment of Hazards: A Multinational Safety (BRAHMS) study in electronic healthcare databases Professor Jesper Hallas 05/10/2021
Planned Demonstrating solutions for studying intermittent medication exposures in diseases with episodic manifestations during pregnancy: application to medication for migraine in pregnancy Professor Hedvig Nordeng 04/10/2021
Planned Cohort study to quantify the risk of glaucoma with intravitreal VEGF inhibitors (bevacizumab, ranibizumab, aflibercept) Dr Andrea Spini 13/09/2021
Planned Comparative Effectiveness and Safety of Drugs used in Rare Neuromuscular and Neurodegenerative Diseases Ms Ursula Kirchmayer 10/11/2020
Planned Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in a cohort of anticoagulant users: a descriptive drug utilization study based on data from the Tuscany Healthcare administrative database Dr Ippazio Cosimo Antonazzo 23/09/2020
Planned Time to treatment intensification in patients receiving metformin+incretin-based medicines versus metformin+other hypoglicemics Dr Roberto Giuseppe 14/02/2019
Planned Exposure and coverage to routine schedule vaccines in different EU countries Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 02/02/2019