Links to Studies

Status Official Title Lead Investigator Last Updated
Finalised Strengthening Use of Real-World Data in Medicines Development: Metadata for Data Discoverability and Study Replicability Dr Susana Perez-Gutthann 26/01/2022
Finalised Background rates of Adverse Events of Special Interest for monitoring COVID-19 vaccines Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 26/08/2021
Finalised ACCESS template protocols for effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 02/02/2021
Finalised Testing new approaches to monitoring benefit/risk with pertussis vaccines as test case: Incidence rates of pertussis and pertussis related outcomes of whole-cell pertussis and acellular pertussis vaccines in pre-school children Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 27/11/2017
Ongoing CONSIGN study: COVID-19 infection and medicines in pregnancy - a multinational registry based study Professor Hedvig Nordeng 16/08/2022
Ongoing A post-authorisation/post-marketing observational study to evaluate the association between exposure to AZD1222 and safety concerns using existing secondary health data sources (COVID-19) Dr Cristina Rebordosa 10/05/2022
Ongoing COVID-19 infections and medicines in pregnancy- the INOSS collaboration Professor Kitty Bloemenkamp 29/04/2021
Ongoing A Real World Evidence prospective cohort study in the management of metastatic colorectal cancer: a clinical and patient perspective Professor Miriam Koopman 25/03/2021
Ongoing ACCESS template protocol for safety of COVID-19 vaccines Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 19/02/2021
Planned Description of international collaboration in the area of medicines use and effects in COVID-19 affected pregnancies (CONSIGN-International)) Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 20/07/2022
Planned Implementation of EU risk minimisation measures for medicinal products in clinical guidelines Dr Helga Gardarsdottir 11/07/2022
Planned Cohort monitoring of Adverse Events of Special Interest and COVID-19 diagnoses prior to and after COVID-19 vaccination Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 29/06/2022
Planned Effectiveness of heterologous and booster Covid-19 vaccination in 5 European countries, using a cohort approach in children and adults with a full primary Covid-19 vaccination regimen Dr Elisa Martín Merino 17/06/2022
Planned Cohort Event Monitoring of safety of COVID-19 vaccines in special populations (pregnant and lactating women, children and adolescents, immunocompromised, people with history of allergy, people with prior SARS-CoV-2 infection) Professor Gianluca Trifirò 15/06/2022
Planned Impact of EU label changes and revised pregnancy prevention programme for oral retinoid containing medicinal products: utilization and prescribing trends Dr Miriam Sturkenboom 21/02/2022
Planned Rapid Safety Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in EU Member States using electronic health care datasources Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 26/08/2021
Planned Coverage of COVID-19 vaccines in electronic healthcare databases: a protocol template from the ACCESS project Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 19/02/2021
Planned Exposure and coverage to routine schedule vaccines in different EU countries Professor Miriam Sturkenboom 02/02/2019