Status: Finalised First registered on: 02/12/2014
Last updated on: 18/07/2018
1. Study identification
EU PAS Register NumberEUPAS8097
Official titleA multinational active safety surveillance study of crizotinib in Europe
Study title acronym
Study typeActive surveillance
Brief description of the studyCrizotinib (XALKORI®), an orally administered selective ATP competitive small molecule inhibitor of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), has been approved multinational, including in Europe, for the treatment of patients with previously treated locally advanced ALK-positive non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). This non interventional Post-Authorization Safety Study (PASS) examines the safety and effectiveness of crizotinib among ALK-positive NSCLC patients using existing healthcare databases in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and the United States. The primary objective of this study is to estimate the incidence of adverse events that were observed in crizotinib clinical trials including 1) hepatotoxicity, 2) pneumonitis/ interstitial lung disease, 3) QT interval prolongation, 4) bradycardia, and 5) vision disorder. Less frequently observed adverse events, i.e. renal cysts, edema, leukopenia, neuropathy, and photosensitivity as well as patient survival will also be examined. To contextualize the incidence of the adverse event in crizotinib treated patients, the incidence of these adverse events in patients prescribed three other orally administered tyrosine kinase inhibitors, ceritinib, erlotinib and gefitinib, will be estimated. The international classification of diseases (ICD) diagnostic codes and procedural codes will be used to capture the safety endpoints in the healthcare databases. Additionally, a validation sub study among all crizotinib patients and the same number of ceritinib, erlotinib or gefitinib patients will evaluate the accuracy of the ICD-based endpoint classifications. The validation study will compare ICD-based classification of primary endpoints to endpoints adjudicated by a panel of experts using data abstracted from patient medical records.
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2. Research centres and Investigator details
Coordinating study entity
Centre to which the investigator belongsAarhus University Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology
Department/Research groupDepartment of Clinical Epidemiology
Organisation/affiliationAarhus University / Aarhus University Hospital
Details of (Primary) lead investigator
Title Professor
Last name Sørensen
First name Henrik Toft
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United States
3. Study timelines: initial administrative steps, progress reports and final report
Date when funding contract was signed19/03/201409/07/2014
Start date of data collection30/12/201430/12/2014
Start date of data analysis
Date of interim report, if expected30/06/201630/06/2016
Date of final study report30/06/201812/06/2018
4. Sources of funding
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Pharmaceutical companiesPfizer Inc100
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5. Contact details for enquiries
Scientific Enquiries
Title Dr
Last name Huang
First name Kui
Address line 1235 East 42nd St
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CityNew York 
CountryUnited States
Phone number (incl. country code)01212-7331309 
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Title Dr 
Last name Huang 
First name Kui 
Address line 161-21 Saunders St 
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CityRego Park 
CountryUnited States 
Phone number (incl. country code)01-212-7331309 
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