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ENCePP Steering Group

The ENCePP Steering Group was established in 2010 to oversee the mid to long-term implementation of the ENCePP project. The Steering Group consists of 17 members and provides a good balance of expertise (regulatory, conduct of pharmacoepidemiological studies, patients, healthcare professionals, ethical issues). Six members of the Steering Group are elected representatives from the ENCePP Plenary. From 2014 onwards the term of service of the Steering Group is three years.

The ENCePP Steering Group defines and safeguards the objectives and principles of ENCePP and decides on operational tasks of the network. The Steering Group is the highest authority of ENCePP and thus is its final decision making body. It acts as adjudicator in case of discrepancies or complaints in the context of the ENCePP network.

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Composition of the ENCePP Steering Group 2021-2023



No. Representing Name Affiliation


ENCePP Cécile Droz-Perroteau Pharmacoepidemiologist, Director of Bordeaux PharmacoEpi reasearch platform, France


ENCePP Daniel Prieto-Alhambra Research Co-ordinator for the IMI2 European Health Data and Evidence Network (EHDEN); Erasmus University Medical Center, the Netherlands; Oxford University, UK


ENCePP Francesco Salvo Associate Professor, Hospital Practitioner, Bordeaux University Hospital, Bordeaux Pharmacovigilance Centre, INSERM Research Centre, France


ENCePP Helga Gardarsdottir

Associate Professor at the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacology, Utrecht University, the Netherlands


ENCePP Rosa Gini Head of the Medical Informatics and Pharmacoepidemiology Unit, ARS Toscana, Regional Agency of Health – Agenzia Regionale di Sanità (ARS), Florence, Italy



Susana Perez-Gutthann


Vice President, Global Head Epidemiology, RTI Health Solutions, Barcelona, Spain

Catherine Cohet


Pharmacoepidemiologist, Data Analytics and Methods Task Force, European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


EMA Thomas Goedecke

Pharmacovigilance Senior Specialist, Human Medicines Division, European Medicines Agency, the Netherlands


EMA Andreas Kouroumalis

Scientific Officer, Oncology and Haematology Office, Human Medicines Division, European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


HMA Annette Cleveland Nielsen Pharmacovigilance Officer, Ph.D., Special Advisor, Danish Medicines Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark
CHMP Carla Torre Assistant Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacovigilance, University of Lisbon, Portugal
COMP Frauke Naumann-Winter

Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, Bonn, Germany

PRAC Ulla Wändel Liminga Ulla Wändel Liminga, Scientific Director Pharmacovigilanc, Swedish Medical Products Agency, Uppsala, Sweden
PCWP Iryna Vlasenko European Chapter of the International Diabetes Federation, Brussels, Belgium
ISPE Arnold K. Chan Director of the Health Data Research Centre, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
ISoP Gianluca Trifirò Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Diagnostics and Public Health, University of Verona, Italy
ISPOR Richard J. Willke

Chief Science Officer, International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, USA

Observer EFPIA Gianmario Candore Partnerships Senior Manager, Bayer, Germany
Observer FDA Wei Hua Associate Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Office of Surveillance and Epidemiology, Office of Pharmacovigilance and Epidemiology, Division of Epidemiology, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA
Observer FDA Narayan Nair

Division Director, Division of Epidemiology, Office of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA

Observer Health Canada Craig Simon

Acting Director, Health Products Surveillance and Epidemiology Bureau, Marketed Health Products Directorate, Health Products and Food Branch,

Health Canada, Canada

Statistical adviser EMA Chantal Quinten Biostatistician, Data Analytics and Methods Task Force, European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Pharmacoepidemiology adviser EMA Daniel Morales Senior pharmacoepidemiologist, Data Analytics and Methods Task Force, European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


EMA European Medicines Agency
HMA Heads of Medicines Agencies
CHMP Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use
COMP Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products
PRAC Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee
PCWP Patients' and Consumers' Working Party
ISPE International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology
ISoP International Society of Pharmacovigilance
ISPOR International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (The professional society for health economics and outcomes research)
EFPIA European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
FDA Food and Drug Administration



Previous Steering Groups