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ENCePP Working Groups

The ENCePP working groups are of a temporary nature in line with the continued development of the network and the objectives and deliverables of the network’s work plans. The European Medicines Agency together with the ENCePP Steering Group may therefore decide on a case-by-case basis about their tenure and composition. New working groups may also be established as appropriate.



Currently, the following groups are active:


For more information on the deliverables and milestones of these groups, see the ENCePP Work Plan.



Working group chairs provide regular reports on their groups' activities to the ENCePP Steering Group. These reports are published with the relevant SG meeting reports.


Joint Enpr-EMA - ENCePP working group on paediatric pharmacovigilance

The European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA) is a network of research networks, investigators and centres with recognised expertise in performing clinical studies in children. The cooperation between Enpr-EMA and ENCePP aims to lead and inform, where applicable, future activities of ENCePP and Enpr-EMA in terms of medicines used in the paediatric population to avoid duplication of tasks and ensure collaboration between the two networks. It is also foreseen that the group will contribute to the revision of the new module of the Good pharmacovigilance practices (GVP) on paediatric pharmacovigilance.


ENCePP Task Forces

Task Forces are established on an ad hoc basis in line with issues that are prioritised by the ENCePP Plenary as requiring further action in a timely manner. Task force mandates tend to be more focussed on specific issues and their tenure is usually shorter than those of a Working Group.

Please click on the name of the task force to view its mandate:

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